The Ukrainian Music Fair-2007 has held from 25 to 27 October, 2007 at the National EXPO CENTER of Ukraine. There we exhibited our newly-developed product, as well as commercial products, such as a MPAER-AV MIDI Player and its modifications; a functioning prototype of the new MIDI AUDIO player equipped with a USB interface, using a SD card or external USB data storage; a HDM-UNIFLASH memory expansion card which allows the musicians to do without diskettes, for all data are stored inside the musical instrument; MIDIUS and MIDIUS 3 PC interfaces deigned for connecting MIDI devices to a PC via a USB port; a MIDI-JS interface designed for connecting a MIDI keyboard or another musical instrument to a PC through a joystick socket on the sound card.

    Please, have a look at the pictures illustrating the event held. This is a prototype of our new device. Here, it works with a Yamaha PSR E 403. Everybody knows that this instrument does not have any MIDI port, only a USB. So, we use the USB.

    Since this version is not a commercial product yet, we would appreciate all of your proposals and suggestions as to improving its reliability and performance, as well as ease of operation and effectiveness. Thank you in advance for your concern and valuable advice..